Ultra Life Body Scan

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Ultra Life, Inc. was founded on the principle that preventative medical testing can save lives.  Established in 1985, Ultra Life pioneered not only preventative diagnostic medical testing, but testing in mobile facilities.


Safe, noninvasive ultrasound technology is used in all organ and body scans.  Ultrasound is the technology of choice for testing since it does not involve the use of radiation or other harmful side effects.



Preventative medical testing can save your life and ultrasound is one of the leading technologies within the radiological field.  Ultrasound can identify the early signs of cancer, stroke, heart and liver disease, plaque build up in the arteries and a myriad of other potentially lethal and non-lethal physical maladies.


Preventative medical testing is a necessity if you have a family history of serious illness. You need to be aggressive in establishing an on-going review of your medical history to identify the early indicators of potentially fatal diseases.

Ultra Life Body Scan

Testing Hours 

6:00am -10:00pm weekdays and 6:00am to 6pm on weekends 


One Hour Could Save Your Life